Maintaining Clarity in our Monthly Global Update

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The second Tuesday of every month, our employees from around the world gather together in their respective meeting spaces to tune-in to the Global Update. During the update, Johannes Reck, our CEO presents a monthly business overview including updates on our key company initiatives and recognition of major achievements. The Global Update is a time to celebrate successes and recognize what we’ve learned from objectives that have gone off-track.


But the Global Update isn’t just an opportunity to share progress, it’s also a time for employees to ask the pressing questions on their minds that month. To that end, we conclude each Global Update with a Q+A.  Prior to the meeting, employees submit and upvote questions they most want to be answered. During the update, the questions are thrown up on the board and answered by the most relevant person. In service to our core value, clarity, we don’t hold back.

While the Q+A can be tense at times, the responses in the moment and the conversations and initiatives they inspire after the fact ensure GetYourGuide remains transparent and accountable as it grows. Every single employee contributes to GetYourGuide’s success, and since we’re all on this journey together, we acknowledge and respect everyone’s right to challenge the path as it is laid out.

We asked our employees what they think about the Global Update:

“The Global Update is a valuable opportunity for any employee to learn more about the company’s performance. Additionally, having the chance to ask questions to our CEO makes it even more interesting.”

-Bruno Moraes, Senior Backend Engineer

“I enjoy the Global Update because it keeps everyone informed on GetYourGuide’s monthly financial performance. Having this information connects me to our mission and holds me, and everyone else at the company, accountable. I know if we don’t hire people on time, we won’t have the resources we need to work on the key projects that drive revenue and bring the best experiences to customers world-wide. The Q+A opens the door for employees to ask any question to management and they always answer, no matter how sensitive or tough the question may be.”

-Luisa Lo Monaco, Senior Technical Sourcer  

“It’s really informative. You always leave knowing a bit more about what the different teams are doing, what we need to focus on, where we’re doing well and where we could improve, at a very high-level. It’s also quite good for new joiners because it gives them a kind of crash course on all of the key projects at GetYourGuide.”

-Malachi Soord, Senior Backend Engineer

“Over the years, I’ve learned so many things about the business and different business metrics (ROAS, ROI, NPS,) that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise since I don’t work on these topics in my day-to-day job.”

-Anna Vecher, Talent Acquisition Operations Team Lead

"The Global Update ties the teams together and ensures everyone is on the same page and moving towards a common goal. During the update we see how each and every one of our efforts impacts our overall growth. I’m personally fond of the graphics and financial updates. We also talk about customer reviews to build empathy so we can continue improving their experience.”

-Juliana Cammerer, UX Research Recruiting Coordinator

“I work very closely with our global Sales offices and for them it can be a challenge to stay connected to the GetYourGuide culture and all that is happening in Berlin. The Global Update and Q+A are crucial to feeling like  they are a part of GetYourGuide. It’s the best way for them to ask direct questions since they can’t just stop Johannes in the hall and pick his brain.”

-Stephen Tofani, Supply Operations Specialist

"The Global Update refuels employees’ motivation month to month. It’s great to see what has been achieved so far, and what is the future plan. As an Engineer, true motivation for me is seeing the company's growth, and understanding my role in that growth. I like seeing the progress in numbers. The numbers help me see how big the company is becoming and how much further we can go.”

-Gurban Hudayberdiyev, Backend Engineer

Thank you Bruno, Luisa, Malachi, Anna, Juliana, Stephen, and Gurban for sharing your thoughts. Interested in joining our team? Check out our open positions.

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