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The problems we  solve aren't always easy, and we often have to innovate from the ground up. But because our culture  thrives on adaptability, innovation, and growth, it’s a journey we relish. Whether we’re  coding a new feature on our app that eases discovery, or creating a new  brand campaign to cut through the noise, we approach every task with an open and forward-thinking  mindset to set us up for success.

A team as strong as our mission.


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Diversity & inclusion is at the heart of our culture


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Our values


We love the thrill of exploring the unknown.

Imagine it, believe it, achieve it. Stay curious.

Ken Donovan

Senior FP&A Manager on Discovery

“It’s all about bringing that joy and it ripples out to all of our customers and everyone going out on these awesome experiences.”


We own what we do and strive to achieve our best.

Love what you do. Aim for the highest standards.

Ifie Onyema

Senior Recruitment Coordinator on Passion

“When I come to work everyday and I know I am impacting someone’s career on the other side, this is what drives me, this is what passion means to me”


Every successful journey starts with trust in your fellow explorers.

Put the team first. Be radically open and believe in one another.

Bhavna Mittal

Senior Manager- Supplier Experience on Trust

“Believing in the people who work with you. You have to believe that the people you are working with have your best interest at heart”

Personal Growth

Personal growth comes from seeking  opportunities and overcoming challenges.

Step outside your comfort zone, Succeed and learn, fail and grow.

Max Malterer

Head of Care Inhouse Ops on Personal Growth

“Every day I have to challenge myself,I have to try new things. I need to do things I’ve never done before because for us to become the leader in the travel industry that’s what we need to do”


Unlocking unforgettable experiences brings us joy.

Love to make a difference. Celebrate our impact on customers.

Eli Mitropoulos

Sr. Destination Manager for Arizona/Nevada on Joy

“During covid the company profileand company performance changed completely almost over night, so we had to discover new ways of working and new ways of looking at our data.”

Our groups help create an inclusive environment

Diversity and Inclusion Group

Our objective is to keep our culture inclusive for all and ensure thateveryone is fully supported by a strong sense of belonging.


We aim to create a positive LGBTQI+ community that is open to all and creates a positive social impact.

Employee Representation
Group (ERG)

The ERG advocates on behalf of our employees to ensure that everyone is valued, safe, and heard.

Incredible Women

Incredible Women is an initiative that aims to create a supportive growth environment and develop more women into leaders

Responsible Tourism Group

Our mission is to showcase sustainable tours and activities while reducing negative social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Our feedback culture lets me know precisely what went well and even better if. Aligning with the culture so well allows me to be radically open, which is a flywheel. The more you connect and share your passions, the higher the trust and safety in the connection, the more you hear and learn, and the more context your can share with others.

Wouter Blok
VP Performance

A career journey, not a ladder

Check out some of the ways you can grow at GetYourGuide.

Take on a role in another area.
Get promoted into a position with a larger scope, and more impact.
Learn more and take on additional responsibilities
Focus more on one specific area of your role

How we work

Our hybrid model is based on principles, rather than rules and guidelines

A few words from our Chief People Officer:

At GetYourGuide we thrive on the energy of bouncing ideas off one another in shared space, tinkering with a solution our customers have been waiting for, or sharing stories from our last vacation over a coffee.

Tanja Reusch
Chief People Officer

Our Principles

We are an in-person-first company with room for flexibility to work elsewhere in moments where collaboration and trust building are not required (e.g. individual focus work).

We trust people to use their flexibility in the best interest of GetYourGuide and their team.

We set up our offices so they can be used by everyone, every day. They foster productivity in a fun, open, and vibrant way.

How we work

Our hybrid model is based on beliefs and principles, rather than rules and guidelines

Our beliefs

We believe that frequent, in-person interactions are an important part of our culture. They’re an essential part of building strong connections and trusted relationships.

We believe that people collaborate best in person, while individual focus work can happen remotely in a variety of settings.

We believe that different teams have different needs that might evolve over time.

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