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Mark Ivan Serunjogi joined our team as an Employer Brand Specialist in July 2018 and was recently interviewed by Meritocracy about his views on the discipline alongside specialists from KPMG and Delivery Hero.


Employer Branding is the function supporting Recruitment in highlighting how it is to work at GetYourGuide. By using brand marketing techniques to share stories of our talented teams and company culture, the objective is to make people who have the skills and values we appreciate excited about becoming and being a part of our company.
Below you can find an extract from the blog piece featuring Mark explaining how fundamental the Inside GetYourGuide Blog is in activating our employer branding initiatives.

“At the heart of our efforts, we have our company blog where we share stories about our star talent and teams. This informs potential candidates about the culture at GetYourGuide. Simultaneously, it updates our employees and encourages them to share their projects and expertise. These narratives are the backbone of our campaign activities and recruitment initiatives, depending on our growth needs and the challenges recruiters may be facing in pipeline building”

According to Mark, to attract talents, the best tactic is to be authentic and relatable, and in order to do that, employees need to be at the forefront. Employees are the biggest indicator of how the company is doing as an employer and to make sure to walk the talk: employee storytelling is indeed at the heart of what GetYourGuide does.

Employer Branding is more than lining up a group of recruiters at events to act as salespeople, buying the best media spots, or only referencing your top-level executives. The content needs to be the star, and if our employees and culture are the biggest assets, then that needs to shine through. This also means actively engaging with teams across the organization to build recruitment solutions and give them the tools to amplify their own voice.

As Mark says:
“Success for us means we have a long list of people and teams who want to represent the company externally. Success is also the majority of new starters feeling that their pre-hire expectations and post-hire experiences are aligned or even exceeded.

Having a background in marketing, it is hard for him to see a detachment between employer branding and marketing activities: the process of moving a user from brand awareness to consideration to application and then retention is indeed quite similar to what happens in product marketing.

“With careers being more about identity, personal values, and company-hopping for the right fit, I think that it is crucial to consider marketing aspects in recruiting and retaining top talents in order to stand out, and not be eclipsed by competitors in the market.”

If you are interested in reading more about employer branding, please find the original piece as well as insights from KPMG and Delivery Hero

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