Recruiting 101: The Video Interview

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To prepare you for your video interview we are covering the basics and answering all of your questions.


      1. What are the benefits of using Video Interviews and why do we use them?

There are many benefits of using a video interviewing tool as part of a recruiting process. Firstly, it’s beneficial for candidates as it allows them to present themselves how they would like, record their interview on their own time and have more than one take to get the right clip. Another advantage of recording a video interview is that candidates are given extra time to formulate their answer, which doesn’t happen in a more traditional interview format.

Additionally, for us on the hiring team, it really saves lots of valuable time spent on emailing candidates back and forth as we don’t have to worry about arranging a suitable interview time, being online at the same time or any time zone restrictions. Furthermore, we can watch the videos at our convenience or re-watch it during the deciding rounds if needed and dig deeper to gain more insight. We can then provide candidates with feedback in a more timely manner.

       2.  What process do we use to grade these videos?

Every video is graded by a human (no bots automatically grading videos!) who is involved in the recruiting process, generally either a recruiter or hiring manager. The candidate will most likely go on to meet this recruiter or hiring manager at a later stage in the interviewing process. Nothing is automated about the grading process and there are certainly no trick questions! We are always wishing you well and wanting you to succeed.

      3. What are we evaluating?

Just how we would in a face-to-face or phone interview, we evaluate a candidate’s answer according to the competency profile attached to the role and assess things like motivation, communication and language skills, previous working experience and how their skill-set ties into to this particular role.  

       4. What are we not evaluating?

We are not evaluating the quality of a camera or microphone. The only thing (regarding quality) that matters is that we can see and/or hear their answers clearly.

The same goes for disruptions. We understand that candidates may have an animal (we have seen many cats walk across a candidate’s room!) or a roommate who may occasionally make noise, there is no need to be overly concerned with this. What’s more is that overall appearance or nervousness will not be assessed.

Our Tips:

  1. Testing, testing …  We recommend that you test your camera, speakers, and microphone prior to recording your interview to ensure everything is working well.
  2. As a best practice, consider using headphones with a mic attached. We have found that this blocks background noise the best.
  3. Don’t fuss over what you’re wearing! Bear in mind that we are a startup, so please wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. No need for overly formal attire.
  4. Keep a pen and paper at hand to jot down any thoughts that come to your head while listening to the questions. These notes will then act as a reminder for when you’re forming your answer.
  5. Have some words of encouragement nearby or pretend you are speaking to a friend. Having a mantra close by should calm the nerves a little.

Anything else?

One thing to remember is that you have an option to not use the camera when recording your interview. Additionally, as we are data compliant at GetYourGuide you can email us at any time to opt out or have your video interview deleted.

Curious to know more about our recruiting process? Check our full recruiting series here.  

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