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At GetYourGuide, we’re on a mission to connect millions of travelers with unforgettable experiences around the world. Join us on our journey.

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We are the leading
global marketplace for unforgettable travel experiences

Around the world, we have thousands of locally vetted, expert-curated experiences to choose from. Together with top-rated local partners and 24/7 customer service, our platform is the easiest, most intuitive resource to find a destination’s best activities and attractions.

Our big opportunity

With more people exploring the world, rapid digitalization, and the increasing desire for unforgettable experiences, we’re in a unique position. And while the experiences market itself is huge, our opportunity extends beyond travel. We’re already building for what’s next and are leading the pack. Come join us on this exciting next step in our journey.

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Unlocking the unforgettable since 2009

From humble beginnings in a small student dorm to becoming the industry leader in an increasingly competitive market, a lot has changed at GetYourGuide. What hasn’t changed is our passion for unlocking unforgettable experiences for people around the world.

GetYourGuide founded in Zurich, Switzerland
A group of students decided to make their dream a reality.
Website launched
Many months of hard work later, the website launched and our first customer made a booking.
We expand in multiple languages
Customers could now access our experiences in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.
Hallo, Berlin!
2012 saw our first official office premesis on Erich-Weinart-Strasse.

Series A round of $14M

First funding round: $14M
We got things moving with the help of Spark Capital and Highland Europe. Read the article.
International expansion and growth
By hiring more skilled people, we were able to improve our offering and grow visibility.

Series C round of $50M

Next funding round: $50M
We got things moving with the help of Spark Capital and Highland Europe. Read the article.
Ciao, Rome!
We opened our first "local" office in Europe, so we could test products on our doorstep.

Series E round of $484M

Next funding round: $484M
GetYourGuide became a unicorn in a Series E funding round, with the help of Softbank Vision Fund.
Grüezi, Zurich!
Building a base in our founding country was a big moment. Much of our tech team is still based here in central Zurich.
Establishing Berlin HQ
We found a great spot in the historic Ampere Gardens, where we operate from today.
The travel industry's biggest challenge hit. But we never gave up.
Fast Company's most innovative companies of 2019
US expansion: we open an office in Miami
After 2 years, we come back together for the Summer Summit in Berlin
Next funding round: $194M
A very successful Series F round allowed us to bounce back after the pandemic. The travel sector was on the rise again! Read all about it.
Inc. Power Partner Awards
We hit 120M ticket sales. GetYourGuide became recognized as an industry leader, helping travel businesses scale and grow. See press release.
We won Fast Company's most innovative companies of 2019 and 2024. Learn more.
15 years in business
After our annual Summit Week in May, we celebrated this incredible milestone in June.
New Guiding Principles
We introduced 6 principles to strengthen our company culture, define our voice, and help map our route to revolutionize the experience industry. Read them here.

Our defining decade

A lot of the work we are doing today is defining the global experiences category. But there's so much more to unlock on this journey. There’s more to create, more to discover, and even more to build.

We've used the challenges of the pandemic to strengthen our relationships and culture and while the last decade kickstarted our growth, we believe that this one will define it.


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Work with top talent

Do your best work, with the best there is

At GetYourGuide, you’ll work with colleagues from over 75+ countries who’ve experienced a multitude of diverse career paths; people who’ve been founders, engineers, writers, artists, and more.

We don’t always have the same background, but there’s one thing we all collectively value: the love for experiences.

Lead with strong values

Drive action through culture

Our values of Discovery, Trust, Personal Growth, Passion, and Joy define how we operate.

They are at the core of how we make decisions, nurture our culture, grow as teams and individuals, and strengthen our mission.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from our employees on what they love the most about working at GetYourGuide. Spoiler alert: it’s not the free lunches.

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