Aug 28, 2023

Five Reasons to Move to Berlin

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Discover why Berlin, with its rich culture, tech hub status, and diverse community, is the ideal place for professionals and expats looking to make the next career move with their jobs. Dive into GetYourGuide's journey in the heart of Europe's vibrant capital.


At the end of 2022, expats in Berlin numbered 949,375, representing more than a quarter of the total population. Immigrants are drawn to the city for myriad reasons: a high standard of healthcare, its relative affordability compared to other Western European capitals, not to mention the fact that English is widely spoken throughout the city. For all of these reasons, living in Berlin is accessible for many. For families, Berlin is a particularly attractive choice thanks to generous child benefits, plentiful parks and green spaces, as well as free public schooling. 

Of course, relocation is never without its fair share of bureaucracy and Berlin is no different. That said, the German government is taking steps to facilitate the process for would-be foreign residents. For example, the recently enacted Skilled Immigration Act makes entry to and residence in Germany easier for qualified individuals, and is well worth a look.

For all of these reasons and more, Berlin has been home to GetYourGuide’s HQ since 2012. Currently, our office is in Ampere Garden in the city’s northeast district of Prenzlauler Berg, inside a 100-year old former electrical substation that has been adapted and transformed into a state-of-the-art office. 

Read on to find out why a move to Berlin could be the right professional and personal decision for you. 

1. It's international

One of the world’s most multicultural cities, Berlin is home to some 949,375 international residents from around 190 different countries, drawn by everything from its relative affordability compared to elsewhere in Europe, its reputation for tolerance, and family-friendly policies from parental allowance through to free education. The mix translates into an endlessly fascinating cultural melting pot – where you can sample a different international cuisine every night of the week, hear a diversity of languages on any street corner, and rub shoulders with friends and colleagues from all corners of the globe. 

GetYourGuide's team is illustrative of precisely that mix, and there are an impressive 60+ different nationalities working from our Berlin HQ. This diversity strengthens our team, and quite simply makes us stronger. And let’s face it: would you really expect a travel tech company to be anything less than global both in its people, and perspective?

The team I joined is wonderfully diverse, with teammates from nearly every continent. It's so interesting to learn different views and customs from around the world and yet finding out a lot of things in common with my own. Berlin as a whole is full of cultural and gastronomic offerings from every corner of the earth that are always interesting to experience.

Hector Villasante Diaz, Senior Backend Engineer, Paid Search

2. Berlin is a tech hub

In recent years, Berlin has emerged as an important tech hub in Europe: because it’s home to a growing number of innovative companies and research institutions, it’s also home to a thriving community of engineers and data scientists. For the tech-minded, MeetUp events, conferences, and myriad opportunities to share with peers are a cornerstone of the Berlin lifestyle!

Berlin’s tech community is a supportive one, and the commitment to knowledge exchange is witnessed by events like the recent PyCon PyData Berlin focused on Python programming language; Android developer conference, droidcon Berlin; and the annual Xena Women in Tech Awards. GetYourGuide sponsored the most recent editions of all three, and internally, we hold bimonthly hackathons as well as weekly tech lunches for colleagues to come together and share.

Berlin, a vibrant tech hub, oozes innovation and opportunity. Its streets are filled with a mixture of tech meetups, conferences, and hackathons, fostering a community that thrives on sharing knowledge. Companies like GetYourGuide amplify this spirit, organizing weekly tech lunches within engineering and events likes HackDays that fuel creativity. In Berlin, every corner is a classroom, every conversation a lesson. It's not just a city to live in, but a dynamic ecosystem to grow, learn, and redefine the future of technology.

Ayush Kumar, Software Engineer, Inventory

3. For culture enthusiasts

From contemporary art to ancient history, Berlin has a museum dedicated to just about anything you can think of. The gallery scene is particularly strong: spanning blue chip to grass roots, it represents a range of international artists, many of whom call Berlin home. For lovers of stage and screen, the city boasts no fewer than three opera houses, countless theaters, and cinemas specializing in everything from indie and international, to blockbuster. What’s more, living in Berlin means the crème de la crème of creative talent comes to you: be it headline comedians, world-renowned ballet companies, and the best bands, musicians, and performers – they all make a point of touring Berlin! 

At GetYourGuide, we’re so committed to discovery that we made it one of our core values. For our colleagues, the quality extends to making the most of the countless cultural opportunities on our doorstep. Every month, teams receive a team-building budget to get out of the office and see something new. Unsurprisingly, Berlin's cultural offerings are always a popular choice, with endless inspiration just waiting to be uncovered. 

“Why Berlin?” is the question you will get asked the most as someone who has moved to this city. My answer is an intricate one, but at its core, I was looking for a change, a challenge and to be in a big city that is still accessible, affordable and has a sense of community. While I do miss the eternal sunshine of Australia, I can confidently say that Berlin matched my expectations. It is a wonderfully diverse place, with many interesting people and a lot to keep my mind stimulated with all the things I love like music, culture, politics, history and food (which is fast becoming a lot better, I’m told). GetYourGuide as a product and as a company will put you right in the center of it all to explore the city as a tourist and hopefully soon as a local!

Joy Qin, Workplace Experience Specialist

4. Location, location, location!

As home bases go, they don't get much better than Berlin. Although there's more than enough to explore right here in the city, its position at the heart of Europe makes it well-connected by air and rail to a host of incredible destinations.

For example, you could be standing on the iconic Charles Bridge in Prague in just four-and-a-half hours, at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris in a mere eight, or perhaps cruising along an Amsterdam canal – all by rail! From weekend breaks to longer sojourns, living in Berlin means much of Europe is within easy reach. Looking to stay local? Since May 2023, the Deutschland-Ticket lets you travel throughout Germany for just 49 euros a month. 

It goes without saying that GetYourGuide is passionate about travel. For that reason, we encourage team members to make the most of Berlin and beyond through a generous staff discount on tours both local and international. That could be to catch Vivaldi in Vienna, a flamenco class in Madrid, or pizza-making in Rome. To help, we offer a progressive holiday allowance starting from 25 vacation days every year – in addition to Berlin’s ten annual public holidays.

Ever since I've moved to Berlin, I've unlocked a superpower: living in the heart of Europe's launchpad for adventure! It's like having a golden ticket to exploring the most captivating cities of the continent, from savoring pasta in Milan, to embracing the warmth of Copenhagen's people, or wandering the quaint lanes of Prague. Europe is a land of many stories and breath-taking sights, a privilege I have at my fingertips.

Vaishnavi Deshpande, Senior Analyst, Central FP&A

5. It's got it all

Berlin may not be beautiful in the conventional sense, but its diversity of people and landscapes lend it a unique charm that wins over Berlin expats and locals alike. Case in point: with more than 2,500 parks, it’s one of the greenest capitals in Europe. And don’t let its landlocked location deceive you: Berlin and the surrounding Brandenburg region boast countless lakes, many with beaches that are idyllic come summertime. On the flip side, it’s also a practical, sometimes hectic metropolis: a network of trams, buses, underground and overground trains criss-cross districts comprising everything from gleaming skyscrapers and neoclassical icons, to pre-war buildings that reveal snapshots of the city’s turbulent history.  

GetYourGuide’s own small pocket of Berlin is similarly diverse, combining industrial legacy with historical milestones. Our headquarters is the former Humboldt electrical substation, built between 1924 and 1926 by German architect Hans Heinrich Müller for the Berliner Städtische Elektrizitätswerke Aktiengesellschaft. It remained in operation until 1993, before a brief stint as an exhibition hall for the Vitra Design Museum. Since 2019, and after sensitive remodeling, the redbrick Prenzlauer Berg icon has been our much-loved office space. Nearby is one of Berlin’s best-loved parks, Mauerpark: formerly dominated by a section of the Berlin Wall, today it's a functional mix of picnic spots, basketball courts, performance spaces, and a bustling flea market. Part of the Wall still stands, and is both a monument, and an exhibition area for graffiti artists. 

Berlin has it all: a bustling metropolis with ample green spaces, diverse culture, excellent public transport, and a thriving startup scene. It's a city that embraces openness and offers a wide range of attractions and opportunities. Feeling like relaxing at a nice lake after work? Just jump on the U-Bahn. Fancy trying out nice restaurants? GetYourGuide's home neighborhood, Prenzlauer Berg, offers a large variety of restaurants with cuisines from all around the globe, just like the rest of Berlin!

Issa Rocha, Business Operations Associate, Strategic Partnerships

We’re always on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our growing Berlin team. If the German capital sounds like your sort of city, check out our open roles. We look forward to welcoming you to Berlin!

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