Mar 29, 2024

Talent Acquisition at GetYourGuide: How We’re Building High-performance Teams in Berlin and Beyond

Meury Pontes
Senior Recruitment Coordinator

Senior Recruitment Coordinator Meury Pontes unveils the collaborative efforts of our multifaceted Talent Acquisition team. Read on for an introduction to talent channels, recruitment, coordination, and employer brand—plus how these teams impact the candidate journey.


A successful Talent Acquisition team weaves together the collaborative efforts of various functions, each bringing unique skills and expertise. By valuing the interconnectedness of all those diverse roles, GetYourGuide has built an agile Talent Acquisition team. We adapt to the evolving needs of our growing company while helping top talent find their next career move. 

So whether you’re a Talent Acquisition professional or want to know more about our recruitment process, we’d like to take you through the various teams that power GetYourGuide Talent Acquisition. 

Talent Channels: uncovering hidden talent

Lucie Hlava, Talent Channel Partner:
A Talent Channel Partner at GetYourGuide partners with recruiters, hiring managers, and employer branding experts to scout top talent across various channels for roles within the company. Beyond recruitment, we drive initiatives like market intelligence analysis and tool development and management. Currently, we’re perfecting our  Boolean Builder, a tool that generates keyword strings based on job specifications, facilitating efficient and more targeted candidate sourcing. We also manage a tool that empowers GetYourGuide employees to refer their friends and network to join our vibrant team.”

Tatev Hayrapetyan, Senior Talent Channel Partner: 

“What sets our Talent Channels Partners apart at GetYourGuide is our innovative thinking, analytical mindset, and empathy. We don't just help to fill positions; we approach each hiring challenge with inventive solutions.

Change is constant, and we must be adaptable, always embracing the latest and most innovative approaches to get things done efficiently. One of our  latest innovations  is our Talent Intelligence Platform or what I like to call  "Digital Talent Brain." This custom-built tool revolutionizes the talent search process by automating and streamlining every step of the journey. This platform offers a comprehensive overview of the skills, experience, and qualities required for each role at GetYourGuide.”

Recruiters: the candidate ambassadors

Recruiters play a central role in talent acquisition—and are likely the ones you’re most familiar with. But at GetYourGuide, recruiters focus on much more than just the traditional recruitment function.

Liam McNicholas, Senior Business Recruiter:
As a Recruiter at GetYourGuide, we will always be working on more than just interviewing and hiring new talent. 

We work closely with every department in the business and support them throughout the entire recruitment process, from creating roles, supporting sourcing, regular briefings, and, of course, hiring great new talent into GetYourGuide.

There’s a lot of stakeholder management involved as we work very closely with Hiring Managers, Talent Channel Specialists, Coordinators, HR, and our candidates. It’s our goal to deliver a candidate experience that’s as seamless and positive as possible. We’re also ambassadors for GetYourGuide and our culture.”

Recruitment Coordinators: ensuring a seamless candidate experience

For a recruitment process to be fast and efficient, many people must work together in cohesion. Recruitment coordinators play a vital role in our Talent Acquisition team as the people who schedule interviews and constantly communicate with candidates at every step of the recruitment process. They also drive various projects to elevate candidate experience, such as implementing new candidate feedback tools and creating content to navigate the application process easily.

Jack Andrews, Senior Coordinator
A Recruitment coordinator at GetYourGuide doesn’t just schedule interviews. We are involved in many other areas of the candidate journey and play an integral part in building the candidate relationship. We are the first point of contact for candidates and, therefore, must familiarize ourselves with the roles and the processes in depth.

We help clarify points and answer questions from both interviewers and candidates, such as expectations for the upcoming interviews. We get to build very open relationships with our candidates. We offer potential joiners an alternative perspective away from the nitty-gritty of typical interviews, which helps build a more complete picture of GetYourGuide as a place of work.”

Employer Branding: shaping what GetYourGuide is known for

Building and maintaining a positive employer brand is crucial for attracting the people who will thrive at GetYourGuide. Employer branding specialists enhance the company's reputation through authentic storytelling and community building.

Katrina Gnatek, Senior Employer Brand Specialist

“My mission is to promote what makes GetYourGuide a unique growth opportunity for the right people. 

In a nutshell, that means I’m responsible for everything you read, hear, and see about GetYourGuide as an employer. But there’s a lot more to the story beyond external-facing channels like Linkedin, our tech blog, or meetup events. We view the role of Employer Branding in three distinct focus areas:

  • External awareness: Building external awareness and interest around what makes GetYourGuide special.
  • Internal affinity: Fostering our company culture and values alongside our many different People and Communications functions
  • Data: gathering a deep understanding of how people view us as an employer.”

Bringing it all together 

As you can see, collaboration is the secret sauce to GetYourGuide's talent growth success.

We hope this information helps you feel prepared and excited for an interview process with us. For even more support, please check out our article Recruiting 101: Tips and Tricks to Land Your Ideal Job. Or simply apply and start your journey! 

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