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Our Tech Recruiter, Steve, shares the ins and outs of Tech Recruiting.


How did you get into recruiting?

I started out by joining a large Financial Times Stock Exchange 250 agency in Manchester. I stayed for nearly two years before moving to Brighton to join up with another agency. Before long I made the move to London where I transitioned to an in-house role in 2013.

How did you decide to become a Tech Recruiter?

To be honest I fell into it. I graduated from the University of Manchester in 2009 with a degree in modern history and economics and needed some money for the upcoming summer. A friend of mine had recently started a recruitment role and referred me. As a 21-year-old graduate, the money was good, so I stayed. The rest, as they say, is history. This is certainly not what I expected to be doing with my degree!

Why did you join GetYourGuide?

Because of the people I met at the interview, the blank canvas with regards to tech recruiting, and the excellent company culture.

What are the main challenges for a Tech Recruiter in the startup world?

Sourcing candidates. The sheer amount and variety of startups in Berlin only adds to the complexities because active candidates usually have 2,3,4 options on the table. Another challenge is constantly having to evolve and change your processes.

What does an ideal tech candidate need to have to catch your attention?

First and foremost it goes without saying that they need to have the correct skillset. You would be amazed by the number of people who apply for a position for which they have no experience. I also like to know if a candidate is active within the technology community, has an active GitHub and Stack Overflow account, or has put in the extra effort to write a personalized cover letter.

What is the most common mistake candidates make during interviews?

The worst mistake I repeatedly see is when candidates do not prepare well enough for the interview. I always start off my interviews by asking what they know about our company and how they heard about us. During the interview process, it’s your responsibility as a candidate to show me and the wider company why you want this job and why you want to join the GetYourGuide team.

What’s your best advice to tech talents who want to apply for GetYourGuide?

Really think about why you want to join GetYourGuide and be honest about your reasons. Whatever you do make sure you do the basics: check the website, the blog, read our values download the app, take a tour if you can, Google us!

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