Dec 13, 2018

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Members of our Office team are the first to greet employees and guests as they walk through the door. They work to create a comfortable and welcoming work environment where everybody has what they need. That being said, their work goes far beyond greeting interview candidates or fixing the coffee machine; they play an essential role in employee happiness. Today we hear from the entire Office team on the ins and outs of their work, the tasks they juggle, and the exciting projects they have up ahead.


Can you please give us a brief summary of what your job entails?

Sophie: Our day usually starts with checks around all of the offices. During these checks, we make sure there are enough food and drinks and that everything, like the toaster and the coffee machine, is working.  During these checks, it’s nice to have a little chit-chat with everyone as they first arrive in the morning!  

In addition to the office checks, we also take care of travel bookings, event planning, merchandise orders, and the organization of and purchasing for the offices.

Employee happiness is also one of our focuses, so we are always glad to help the different teams and are open to suggestions and new ideas on ways to improve employee wellbeing.

Working on the Office team often involves collaborating with other teams. For example, every month, we help HR organize the Welcome Days for the new GetYourGuide employees by ordering food and booking their travel.

Finally, we are the first point of contact for guests and interview candidates; we do everything we can to make them feel welcome.

Sophie in Berlin
Sophie in Berlin

What qualities are important to be successful in Office Management?  

Mandy: I strongly believe the key to success in Office management is time management and organizational skills. We need to proactively prepare any tasks that can be done beforehand, in order to have time to react to short-notice tasks.

How does the Office team improve the employee experience?

Mandy: We are often the first people employees see in the company. A smile and a warm welcome go a long way for our employees. They know they can come to us whenever they’re in need, whether they’re looking for a special kind of pen or even personal advice on housing. The GetYourGuide Office Team always takes the time to listen to our employees and help them with whatever is needed.

Kate: Mandy summed it up very well; we are often the first person GetYourGuide employees meet, and, because of that, we need to embody the company’s values and culture in a tangible way. We do this by being a positive and approachable point of contact for random questions. This is so very important for this job. But, we also support employees in ways they don’t see. We keep an eye on the office space and make sure it is tidy and that all supplies are stocked. Having things available and in working order is very important to employee experience, but can be taken for granted.

What core value does your team embody the most?

Mandy: I think positivity is our leading core value. We focus on solutions, not problems. Anyway, what are problems? I only know challenges ;) The Office Team also clearly knows how to make something out of nothing.

Kate: Again I have to agree with Mandy. Positivity is what we are all about.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

Sophie: The most challenging aspect is managing lots of different tasks at the same time. Prioritization is a key strength. Sometimes things come all at once and you have to make decisions quickly.

Mandy: I absolutely agree with Sophie, the variety of tasks coming in at the same time can be overwhelming. We need to keep a clear focus and set priorities to deal with them one by one. Our goal is that by the end of the day, all our tasks are done.

Mandy in Cuba
Mandy in Cuba

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?

Kate: It’s so hard to pinpoint the one most rewarding aspect of my role! With that said, it can all be summed up as making people happy. I also really enjoy working with my team to solve problems or organize an event or Meet up. We brainstorm and share our ideas; it’s a great way to learn.

Sophie: It’s always nice to see how thankful people are for the work we are doing, even for the smallest things. You’re also faced with new challenges everyday, which can be stressful at first, but leave you feeling even more proud of yourself when they’re done.

Why is now an exciting time to join the office team?

Mandy: GetYourGuide has been growing non-stop since I joined over three years ago. As a support team, we are the glue that holds the company together. Every 2 weeks we have new starters, things keep moving forward and there is no time to play catch up. We adapt constantly. Every day opens up so many opportunities to seize and from which you can learn.  We will be moving next year into a great new office space where everyone based in Berlin will be together under one roof.  This is one of the biggest challenges on the horizon, but it is also a great project to be part of.  

Kate on the Brooklyn Bridge
Kate on the Brooklyn Bridge

What advice would you have for someone who would like to work on the Office team at GetYourGuide?

Mandy: Be open to challenges and you will grow with them. Recently, I worked on a huge project, which I never thought I could handle on my own. But, with the support of other departments, I gained so much knowledge that within no time, I felt confident taking on the task.

Sophie: Be open-minded, keep your eyes open, and say YES to new tasks even though they might scare you at the beginning. As Mandy said, there are a lot of opportunities to grow and challenge yourself. Through this, you can find your own direction, define your role in the team, and maybe even discover hidden talents. It’s always a plus to get that little self-esteem boost when you accomplish a challenging task. And, don’t forget, you can always ask others for help!

What is your favorite thing about working at GetYourGuide?

Mandy: My work at GetYourGuide challenges me nearly every day. This is the main reason why I stay. I have new tasks every day; no day is like the other, and this keeps me going and motivated. GetYourGuide wants to become one of the leading employers, and I’m proud that I can support this mission and help bring it to life.

Sophie: It’s never boring. There are always challenges and ways to grow if you take the initiative. Also, the variety of different nationalities makes it interesting for me to work at GetYourGuide. People here are diverse and open-minded; I have thought-provoking conversations every day! We’re not only colleagues but friends.

Kate: Working in the Office Team in GetYourGuide keeps you on your toes. As Mandy said, no day is like the other. I also enjoy that there is plenty to do and that, at times, we are able to focus on the areas we enjoy the most.

Thanks to the Office team for giving us a glimpse behind the curtain.  Do you have a people-focus and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude? Then check out our open positions on the Office team.

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