May 2, 2018

Meet the Team: Content Editing

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Today, Jackie Grant, English Content Editor, gives us an inside look into the Editing Team!  


Can you give us a brief summary of what your team works on?

At its heart the English Editing team works to ensure the English content is current and accurate. Before a tour goes online it needs the Editing team’s seal of approval. Each week we edit anywhere from 500 to 600 tours. To handle such a high number of tours we work with a pool of trained freelancers with whom we are in close contact, even though they work around the world.

Tours are always changing, and we work to ensure the 32,000+ tours are up to date. We handle supplier change requests and work closely with Supply Operations and Sales to process and update tours that are already online.

On top of this, we collaborate with other teams on different projects that make GetYourGuide a great place for our customers to book tours and activities.

What is an average day in your team?

The day begins as many people’s day does, with coffee or tea and checking emails. With the Sales team being based around the world, content requests and questions reach us overnight. We try to process these requests as quickly as possible and take advantage of the small window when our time zones line up. We check the supplier change requests list and keep a constant eye on the list throughout the day.

As the day goes on, we check how the tour approvals for the week are going and respond to freelancer questions. Hopefully we have a chance to check some of the freelancer’s work and provide them with consistent feedback.  We edit and approve daily high priority tours that are sent through to Localization and Translation, so they can reach our customers in multiple languages as quickly as possible.

What, if any, are the principles that your team lives by?

The principles the English Editing team lives by are hard work and dedication. Our team’s strengths are our collaborative nature and keen eye for detail. We divide tasks across the team, but are always willing to help each other out and ensure the entire team succeeds. We check each other’s work, answer each other’s questions, and discuss difficult decisions and ideas.

What advice would you have for someone that would like to work with the Editing Team?

If someone is looking to work with the English Editing team I would tell them that they need to be ready to challenge and look for ways to improve existing processes as our team continues to grow. And, of course, a good sense of humor helps too.

What is your favorite thing about working with the GetYourGuide Editing Team?

Hands down it is the company culture. The people you work with can make or break your job and, luckily here at GetYourGuide the people are friendly, helpful and make GetYourGuide a place that isn’t just somewhere to work but somewhere where you want to come into the office and see everyone.

The team and company diversity is another great part about working here. Sitting in the same office as Localization and Sales, we are surrounded by people from all over the world. This blend of cultures and languages means you are always learning something new and have the chance to see something from a different perspective. Whether it is hearing a Sales call in Russian or learning about how Spanish tortilla is made at lunch, the office is always an interesting place to be.

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