Jun 28, 2023

Our Approach to Hiring Great Talent at GetYourGuide

Nabila Jamal Rusha
Recruitment Coordinator

The Talent Acquisition team is responsible for keeping GetYourGuide’s application process transparent, accountable, and fair. In this second of a two-part series, Recruitment Coordinator Nabila Jamal Rusha explains some of the ways in which we do that. From processes for avoiding bias, through to welcoming diverse professional backgrounds, here’s how we find great talent for GetYourGuide. 

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How do we ensure fairness in our application review process?  

Firstly, GetYourGuide is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer. This means we celebrate diversity and do not discriminate based on age, gender, identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability status, or religion.

As recruiters, our focus is on the skills, qualifications, and experiences that candidates bring to the table. We consciously avoid considering any personal or demographic information submitted by candidates. To ensure we shortlist great talent for our teams, we always refer back to the job specification before reviewing applications. This keeps us focused on the right things, versus allowing personal bias to creep in. 

We believe that every candidate should be evaluated on their merits, and that's why we encourage applicants to focus on their skills and experiences in their resumes. To help us maintain this focus, we suggest that candidates refrain from including their pictures in their applications. The reason for this is that pictures can unintentionally draw attention before text. Arguably, a photo could potentially introduce bias into the review process. For similar reasons, we also ask candidates to refrain from including details like date of birth, gender, and marital status. 

How does GetYourGuide embrace diversity in professional backgrounds?

At GetYourGuide we recognize that diversity is a great way to foster a culture of sharing unique ideas and perspectives – and our 700+ strong team is a testament to that. 

To achieve this, we look beyond job titles and previous companies, and instead focus on what skills an individual brings to a role. We are open to a variety of backgrounds, while always remaining mindful of balancing the core needs of the role, team, or business area that the candidate is applying to. 

We work hard to ensure that our interview process covers the core competencies that will be required for an individual to be successful in the role. We also ensure that our interview process allows candidates to showcase their own unique strengths and experiences. 

While we are open to diverse backgrounds, we also recognize that some roles require specific experience. Therefore, we remain conscious of certain skills. For example, if we are hiring a brand marketing designer, we will happily consider applications from non-travel companies. But we still need to see experience around creating brand marketing assets for an online e-commerce environment. This balance ensures we maintain the diversity of our team while meeting the specific needs of our roles.

What are the key things recruiters appreciate?

  • Building a positive relationship

A good hiring journey is always built on mutual respect and developing a positive relationship. For instance, it's encouraging to see candidates who are relaxed and comfortable, but we also value when they arrive on time for the interview. Punctuality not only shows respect for the interviewer's time, but also demonstrates that you're organized and serious about the opportunity. 

  • Prep beforehand – it gives you the upper hand immediately

One of the things we appreciate most is when candidates come prepared for their interviews. Of course,  we don’t expect candidates to invest hours of their personal time in preparation for the interview process. However, a basic level of preparation shows us your commitment and interest. Our recruiters work hard to coach candidates, share insights, create and send materials – all in the interests of setting them up for success. 

My advice: read the materials, take on board the insights, and prepare – it shows us that you're motivated and have taken the time to understand what we offer.

  • Be patient and flexible 

Things come up, schedules change – that’s why it's important that there's a high level of understanding and flexibility in the recruitment process. We should work together to find solutions that will fit both sides. We will always prioritize the needs of candidates as much as possible and it's great when this flexibility is reciprocated. 

  • Be yourself

Lastly, show us what you are passionate about! We love authenticity, so be yourself, be honest, and be real. Do ask questions during the interview. Remember, this process is as much about you assessing us as it is about us assessing you. For example, do we offer you what you want in terms of growth? What about factors like development, stability, environment, and culture? We’d love to answer these questions and more for you, so do ask us or voice any concerns you may have. And if you receive another offer, please let us know – it won't put us off. Transparency is crucial in building a strong relationship!

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