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Oct 4, 2017

Career Development at GetYourGuide - Customer Service Team Lead

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We have previously mentioned that providing internal growth and career development opportunities for all employees is very important at GetYourGuide. What does this development look like? We spoke to Meg Telson, Customer Service Team Lead about her career advancement within GetYourGuide.


Meg Telson, Customer Service Team Lead.
Meg Telson, Customer Service Team Lead

Can you give us a brief summary of what your job entails?

The core of being a Team Lead is people management: I lead a group of ten Customer Service agents to ensure that they have the support to be able to provide the highest level of service excellence to our customers. This primarily means creating an environment where my team feels motivated and engaged, coaching on performance, and guiding each agent in their professional and personal development. The other big aspect of my job is doing my part to make sure the operations of our department are running smoothly, by monitoring and implementing processes to improve our service to our customers and give them the absolute best experience.

How has your role changed since joining GetYourGuide?

I joined GetYourGuide in April 2013 as a Customer Service agent, answering emails and phone calls from our customers; I also spent some time managing fraud alongside the Finance team and training new CS agents. By 2015 the department had grown so much that we introduced Team Lead positions to help manage our agents, and I  successfully applied to become one of the first three TLs in CS! This was a huge change to take on leadership responsibilities and manage a team. As a TL, I have managed both the second-level “Specialist” agents, as well as first-level “Main Team” agents, and developed a whole new set of hard and soft skills to successfully manage and lead my team.

What skills or knowledge have you had to build on or develop during your time here?

I had no previous management experience, so I’ve learned everything about being a TL on the job, and from my fellow TL colleagues (who are incredible people and fantastic at what they do, by the way). I have learned how to get to know my agents so that I can manage them and their performance in the way that works best for each individual, how to give (and receive!) both growth feedback and praise, and how to recognize potential and develop people in their careers. I’ve written company policies, kicked off initiatives that have grown into permanent processes and taken learnings from others that didn’t go as expected. I know how to write an OKR and set KPIs, how to interview...and how to put on a professional talent show act at our annual Christmas Party!

Why is GetYourGuide a good place for someone looking to really develop their career?

GetYourGuide aims to have a two-way relationship with our employees: we put a lot of time and energy into recruiting the absolute best people for each job, which will help support our business goals; and we provide a workplace with countless opportunities to learn new skills, challenge yourself, and advance your career. As a manager, I aim to empower my direct reports to take ownership of their personal and professional development, and it makes me so proud when I can help someone realize their potential and see them move into a new position. I was especially fortunate to be able to sponsor one of our first two Associate Team Leads, and successfully support his development and learning over a six-month program to become a full CS Team Lead. Your success is our success, so if you’re looking to grow into the next level of your career, GetYourGuide is a fantastic place to do that.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

Being able to do my job in 30 hours per week! I’ve been working part-time since my second child was born, and it’s a challenge to fit everything into the time that I have. I need to be able to balance managing my team and being there for them when they have questions or concerns, alongside managing the projects I’m working on and all of the little incidental things that come up in the course of a day or a week. And of course, I want to continuously be developing myself as well. There’s always work to do, so staying flexible and open to change is crucial every day.

What advice would you have for someone who wants to become a CS TL?

  1. Love our customers: the work we do leading the CS team directly supports our customers, and customer excellence is the guiding principle and top priority in all aspects of our work.
  2. Love to lead: every TL on our team is passionate about leading people and helping them grow. We care about the individuals on our teams, not just about their output. We also care about supporting each other as leaders, and helping each other grow!
  3. Love to innovate, solve problems, and work as a team: we are a very creative TL group with a huge range of experience. Be willing to ask the questions that no one else is asking, contribute new ideas of your own, drive change, take risks, learn from your colleagues and from your mistakes, and celebrate success.

What is your favourite thing about working with GetYourGuide?

I’ve been working at GetYourGuide for almost 4.5 years, so clearly there’s something right about this place! My favorite thing is the positive, transparent culture we have here, which has been carefully developed by our founders and cultivated by the leadership team across the company. I have always felt supported when I have a question or make a mistake, appreciated when I do good work, and encouraged to challenge and develop myself. I’ve invested a lot of myself in GetYourGuide, and a lot has been invested in me in return, for which I am so grateful.

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