Jun 14, 2024

Discover, Connect, Celebrate: Inside GetYourGuide’s Summit Week

Careers Team

Another fantastic annual spring gathering at the Berlin HQ, the entire team from 15+ offices enjoyed an unforgettable week of inspiration, collaboration, and a big side order of fun.

This year marks the 15th year of GetYourGuide, so we wanted to celebrate our past and set a direction for the future. With the theme ‘the future of travel is guided’, the spotlight was on the enduring strength of our DNA and our new Guiding Principles, which aim to forge deeper connections with travelers and supply partners. As usual, we wrapped things up with the Summer Festival: an opportunity for us all to let our hair down, raise a glass, and celebrate.

The Summit in a nutshell

We kicked off with an inspiring talk from Rafat Ali, CEO and Founder of Skift. His keen insights sparked discussions about the evolving travel landscape, highlighting the transformative impact of AI in personalizing travel experiences. Kudos to Rafat for setting the stage for an engaging week ahead.

Engaging in panel discussions with our supply partners and customers felt like embarking on a journey alongside them. We listened to their stories, walked in their shoes, and saw our work through their eyes. Their insights were profoundly moving, inspiring us to do our best to transform every vacation into a memorable adventure, filled with meaningful moments.

The panel discussions were truly captivating. Hearing the inspiring stories from both suppliers and customers has reinforced my commitment to our mission of creating unforgettable travel experiences. Gaining first-hand insights into their challenges has provided me with fresh inspiration for developing innovative systems that can enhance their overall experience.

Steven Mi

Senior MLOps Engineer, Supply Data Product

Our CFO Nils, was joined by colleagues Anna Smolina, Paul Bertin, Nicolò Pignatelli, and Julia Randow for another interesting talk. They discussed embracing vulnerability and turning each hurdle into a stepping stone to success, while highlighting the power of shared experiences. The panel left us all motivated to navigate our professional journeys with a fresh perspective and a little courage.

The Incredible Women Panel inspired with their stories of leadership and resilience. Genevieve Vancutsem-Zednik (Chief People Officer) and Charmaine Chua (Head of Optimization) were joined by two incredible external speakers: Athina Karahogiti, a Global Deputy Chief Client Officer at Teleperformance, who champions diversity and equality, and Thea En, Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Pharmaceuticals, who focuses on creating safe environments that foster collaboration and inclusivity. Their words were a testament to the diversity of perspectives and experiences that enrich our company.

It was amazing to hear the stories of all the panelists. The flexibility, self-reflection, perseverance and positivity these women demonstrated were truly inspiring. They showed us how you can believe in yourself, stay authentic and strive even if life throws you some curve-balls.

Anna Smolina

Director of Data Analytics

We ended with a talk on the future of AI technologies, unraveling their potential to revolutionize the travel and experience industry. Engaging in thought-provoking discussions led by the brilliant Lennard Schmidt from Langdock, we learned about AI's transformative role in our industry. It was a fitting finale to propel us into our next chapter, brimming with possibilities.

Listening to the CEO of LangDock, their dedication to data privacy and compliance stood out. It's not just about data storage—it creates a foundation of trust that's crucial to enable the team to experiment to harness the full potential of AI.

Paul Bertin

Director of Paid Search

New Guiding Principles

One of the standout moments of the week was the introduction of our new Guiding Principles. While our company’s ethos remains the same, our growth, scaling needs, and a new chapter in our business called for more precise values to take us forward. These Guiding Principles will serve as the map for our culture. Stay tuned for a deep dive into each principle in the coming weeks.

The update sparked conversations on how we can embody these values in our daily work and uphold the essence of what makes GetYourGuide a successful team. We also celebrated recipients of the Founders Award — nominated by their managers and shortlisted by our CEO, each recipient has made an outstanding impact within our company.

Firstly, it was an honor to be nominated for the GetYourGuide Founders Award, let alone actually be amongst the winners. I felt pretty overwhelmed honestly, extremely humbled and overall very proud to receive the award, it means a lot to me, especially with the world class talent we have throughout the whole company.

Liam McNicholas

Senior Business Recruiter

Our new Chief People Officer, Genevieve, shared her observations of our culture, highlighting how our teams drive success. She discussed how our Guiding Principles already manifest in daily operations and interactions, emphasizing the collaborative spirit, mission-driven mindset, and a commitment to excellence that sets us apart.

Learning by doing

If there’s one thing that Summit Week ‘24 will be remembered for, it’s the incredible energy that buzzed through every workshop. We built our program around four core pillars: communication, innovation, leadership for people managers, and self-leadership. As we connected dots and spun ideas into gold together, we really got the sense of being one vibrant, unified team. Asena Yazdic, our Learning Excellence Manager at Care, who led the "Leading Through Change: Embracing Adaptability and Growth" workshop, encapsulates it perfectly:

Change is not just a process; it's an emotional journey. Leading with empathy means recognizing that each step in the change cycle is valid and offering a compassionate hand to guide others forward.

Breathing, bonding, and beyond

The week had a strong focus on well-being, with regular fitness sessions to soothe and stimulate. Early mornings saw us aligning breath in yoga class or boosting energy with boot camp circuits and runs with our CEO.

GetYourGuide’s international spirit also shined through in our catering, with themed coffee breaks like Swedish Fika and German Kaffee und Kuchen. The theme of ‘global traditions’ allowed us to travel the world with our taste buds.

We wrapped things up with the GetYourGuide Summer Festival. Against the stunning backdrop of a beach bar, we celebrated the vibrant culture of GetYourGuide by dancing the night away.

A week on, we’re excited about what’s next. The things we’ve learned and the friendships we’ve made with our colleagues from across the globe are just the start. We’re on a path to change the way millions experience the world. And we’re just getting started.

Be part of our journey

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Take that first step. Visit our careers page, connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Instagram. Your next adventure is just a click away.

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