Dec 18, 2018

Discussing the Future of Work

Careers Team

In October, we hosted a meetup with Meritocracy featuring a panel of speakers from Berlin-based startups. Our VP People, Eva Glanzer, joined Clue’s Natasha Grujic, Director of People and Talent, and Zalando’s Matthias Schmeisser, Cluster Lead - Talent Acquisition, for a panel discussion on the future of work moderated by Meritocracy’s Ricardo Galli.  


Panel of speakers

HR, Talent Acquisition, and People Operations professionals from across Berlin came out for the spirited discussion and asked some thought-provoking questions of the panel.  Many of our team members attended and shared their takeaways:

"My biggest takeaway was that you cannot apply the same practices at companies in different stages. Something that is working great in a big corporation like Zalando would not work for smaller companies like GetYourGuide and Clue. At the same time, it was was great to hear that caring for employees' work-life balance and workforce planning are among the top priorities for all three companies."  

- Inna Skochko, Sourcing Lead

Audience at meetup

“It was so interesting to hear from 3 companies at very different stages talk about how to tackle change management and hyper-growth. I loved that it was an open, humble, and honest talk which was not about competing or having the best point or being more important, but acknowledging that the process is hard regardless of how big or small you are or how many resources you have. At the end of the day, it is about managing people through changes, and people are complex beings. Every part could learn from each other and truly share knowledge.”  

- Mark Ivan Serunjogi, Employer Branding Specialist

“Listening to Senior HR Professionals from GetYourGuide, Zalando, and Clue was extremely inspirational.  They shared lots of insights and best practices with regards to how to recruit the right talent and keep them onboard. Some very practical topics were also discussed like how to support the mental well-being of employees and how to maintain company culture in a time of rapid growth. Particularly enjoyable was the networking sessions after the formal panel; there were great speakers and guests that I could learn from!”

- Natalia Modelska, Senior HR Manager

Q&A with speakers

One of our new team members, Kateryna, had only just applied to GetYourGuide when she attended the event:

"I've always been interested in GetYourGuide as a company and wanted to know more about its internal culture which is why I attended the October meetup. It was also great to learn more about other start-up companies in Berlin, since I’m pretty new to the city. During the event, I had a chance to personally meet people who I already had contact with during my application process as well as other GetYourGuide employees.  Everyone was very welcoming and happy to answer my questions. It gave me such a great impression of the company culture; I became even more interested in becoming a part of it. Now I am more than happy to be able to contribute to the company success and am pleasantly surprised that the core values and ideas which were presented and discussed during the meetup are actually being pursued day-to-day.”

- Kateryna Myorenenko, Recruitment Coordinator Working Student

Watch the video of the panel discussion here:

Thank you to everyone who joined the meetup; we look forward to the next. Don’t forget to check out the open roles on our People team.

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