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Nov 23, 2020

How a Product Designer and UX Writer Create Synergy

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Cynthia and Sergii, also known as Cynergii, are senior UX team members working in the On-Trip Mission team. The team helps customers prepare for their experiences and activities by working on pre-trip information, booking management, customer, and supplier communication.

The senior UX writer and senior product designer duo share their process on UX Planet, a resource for everything user-experience related. In the full post, they share how they combine their powers to solve platform problems for customers who are getting ready for their trip and destination. Here are the highlights:


Building a strong base

Cynthia and Sergii explain that starting on the same page is key to success when approaching a new feature or project. Planning as a team creates a common ground offering a sturdy foundation and understanding of what they want to build. This instills confidence that they’re going in the same direction.

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Working independently while staying together

A key part of working effectively as a team, especially while remote, is getting feedback and moving forward together. Through these feedback loops, Cynthia iterates copy, and Sergii iterates designs as they go. This way, they can identify opportunities as they arise and push for decisions while keeping the team together and informed.

Including the greater team

Their core UX principle is: Be empathetic. To our company, this means connecting with how users think and feel by considering their diversity and perspectives. This inclusive mindset helps grow our audience in a diverse range of communities.

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