Jun 2, 2021

S2E4: Everything You Need to Know About Category Management

Careers Team

So what exactly is category management within the tours and experiences industry? How does it differ from category  management in other industries? Whether you’re interested in a new  career direction or preparing for an interview with us, this deep dive  offers everything you need to know. Philipp Krautenbacher, director of category management, and Lisa Hsieh, former senior tech recruiter at GetYourGuide, answer some of the most popular  questions and misconceptions about the dynamic field.

Day tours, museum visits, transportation services — these are all  categories at GetYourGuide. Category management for tours and activities  differ from other travel-focused industries. For example, flights  typically only have one type of category (flights) while hotels typically have one category:hotels.

The beauty of having various categories in tours and activities, as Philipp explains in the episode, is that they are entirely different in how they are managed. There’s a different supplier, technology, logistic, and overall complexity of the purchase. Category management covers those differences and sets each category up for success.

The  hiring manager and recruiter reveal how candidates can better prepare  for their interviews. Lisa reveals what skills and past experiences  pique her interest while Philipp walks us through what a typical day in  his team looks like, the KPIs they measure, and their big picture  goals.

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Hosts: Jane Leung, employer branding copywriter; Mark Serunjogi, former employee branding specialist at GetYourGuide

Guest: Philipp Krautenbacher, director of category management; Lisa Hsieh, former senior business recruiter at GetYourGuide

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