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Another month, another group of freshly-baked GetYourGuiders to meet! After welcome lunches, drinks, on-boarding and getting stuck into some challenging work, we asked our new recruits some random questions, just for fun!


Victor Manuel Bernal, Account Manager Spain, Barcelona

Which technical innovation is the most important for you? I’m not sure if it’s tech at all, but the Remote Wrangler is basically a ski mask with velcro that you can stick your remote on so you never lose it. But really, this is an extreme solution to the problem. Nobody wants to wear their remotes.

My worst job ever: Head waiter in a starred Michelin restaurant

Who wouldn´t you like to be stuck in the elevator with? With Segourney Weaver, the Alien is always close to her and I’m afraid of him

Henrike Paula Ruehl, Intern Sales Operations

Favourite Berlin Spot: Klunkerkranich

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be: To perform magic

One song that you would listen to everyday: Shots - Imagine Dragons (Broiler remix)

Talara Lee, Intern Recruiting

Which item could you not be without? My water bottle. I take it everywhere. Pretty sure have a drinking problem.

I am an expert in: Going to Yum Cha (a lunch time affair of many many dumplings, brought to the table on a trolley). There’s a temptation to skip breakfast before the first (and best!) 11 am sitting. Mistake. If you’re too hungry, the stomach shrinks. You should always eat a little something to get the stomach flexible and the appetite going ;)

My first job was: Essentially coding… for pizza at Domino’s. I took customer calls and entered in the three letter ‘code’ to make sure the meat lovers got their Meat Lovers and vegetarians got the VegSupreme.


Alex Shen, Junior BD Manager

Worst movie you have seen - recently Kung Fu Panda 3. I want my money back.

3 things that you would do if you win the lottery -  build an eco-friendly house in El Chaltén, Patagonia and live there!  / Sponsor a campaign to get rid of Trump once for all / Have dinner with Elon Musk

If you could be any fictional character, whom would you choose? - Marty McFly. I will fly back to 2004 and buy Google shares

Diana Martin, Spanish Content Editor

Which technical innovation is the most important for you? Internet + Netflix = perfect combination.

If you could be a cartoon character, which one and why? Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls. She is smart, she is a badass and she can fly

I am proud of: my karaoke skills.

Ellinor Nilsson, Finance Manager

What item do you still have since your childhood? My toes

What don’t you like about living in Berlin? Bürgeramt

Is there something you are a fan of? Berghain and cheesecake baking

John Puts, Senior Account Manager Netherlands

Worst movie you have seen: Wild Hogs, my god what they managed to pull off with a budget of 60 million and a strong cast is incredible. Pure amazement was the predominant feeling when observing this joke of a movie.

If you could be any fictional character, whom would you choose? Goku from Dragon Ball Z - that guy (and TV show) put a big stamp on my growing up years. And becoming a super sayan must be one the most amazing things ever!

Best gift that you have ever received: Probably my piano when I was 7 years old. It resulted in the ability to play that magnificent instrument, allowing me to create music and put love and passion in it which is one of the most amazing feelings there is.

Silvia Favia, Italian Content Editor

Tell us your favourite joke! “One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I’ll never know.”

Is there something you are a fan of? I’m a fan of the Beatles.

Dog or Cat and why? I prefer dogs, simply because they make me happy (and sometimes cats are a bit scary).

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