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May 7, 2019

Meet the Team: Brand Design and Visuals

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In today’s post, Christian Schorm, András Oláh, Kasia Skrzypek, Laura Hoerr, and Mihály Podobni tell us all about working in Creative Studio. Read on to learn about the exciting projects the Brand Design and Visuals team is working on — and how to join them!


What is your team working on right now?

Christian, Brand Design and Visuals Team Lead: We’re currently creating, shaping, and delivering our first big German brand campaign with the help of Germany’s top creative agency, Jung von Matt. The project kicked off at the end of 2018 and we’re just getting ready to put it out into the world — which is both exciting and a bit intimidating. At the same time, we’re catering to all tourists visiting Berlin. As part of an internal collaboration with our Brand Marketing team, we’re diving deep into where our customers are and how we can make their trips unforgettable. We’re also expanding our team! With so many incredible projects, we need more talented hands on deck.

Christian admiring art in his favorite museum in upstate New York

What’s your favorite thing about working on the team? What makes it special?

András, Video Editor: The people! Getting to work alongside so many talented experts across different departments is such a pleasure. Everyone is passionate and eager to collaborate. What’s more — my ideas are always welcome.

Kasia, Visual Content Editor: Absolutely. The team is extremely customer-driven and passionate about providing the most beautiful and functional designs. Everyone is positive, helpful, and supportive.

András wandering through the streets of Valletta

How is this team different from the ones you've worked on before? What surprised you the most?

Christian: Keeping up a strong company culture in a hyper-growth environment is never easy. At GetYourGuide, you really see this perseverance pay off. Both during and beyond office hours, I spend my days with incredibly professional, but also diverse, fun, and exciting personalities. This positive energy, paired with the aim to provide a top-notch product, really inspires us to grow in each of our roles.

Laura, Brand Designer: A lot of start-ups talk about being data-driven, but there’s often a disconnect when it comes to actually applying data to your work. That isn’t the case at GetYourGuide. We have access to both qualitative and quantitative data (which is awesome, by the way), and we think about the customer constantly. For us, delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right audience — it’s everything.

Kasia hanging out at the Acropolis in Athens

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role? Most rewarding? Most surprising learning?

Kasia: In terms of challenges, I’m not afraid to move mountains for my team — quite literally (in Photoshop). Sourcing on-brand imagery that conveys a particular message can be tough. The silver lining? We collect data. This helps us point to the successes (and failures) that define what the “right” image is.  

Laura enjoying a private bike tour through Budapest on a trip with her sisters

Christian: There’s no standard week. Every day requires readjusting, asking the right questions, and being smart about the challenges at hand. It can be intimidating when you’re at the beginning of a project, but the reward — holding the final product in your hands — is absolutely worth it.

What advice would you have for someone who would like to work on the team?

Christian: I recommend preparing thoroughly before your interviews. Know what your career path looks like and think about how GetYourGuide can help you reach your goals. For your test, think outside the box and remember the data side of design.

Laura: It’s important to show up and be all in. We’re a passionate, hardworking group. You won’t work in a silo here, so be ready to learn and grow. At the end of the day, we want to produce the best and smartest design that we can — every touchpoint is important.

What do you like about working in Berlin?

Mihály, Creative Producer: I love that no matter what you’re into, you’ll find genuine, alternative, and like-minded people to collaborate with. Video synthesis? Queer cinema? Asian jazz metal? Live coding raves? Berlin has it all (and then some).

Mihály shooting a festival in the Hungarian woods

Andras: I’ve only been here for 3 months, but I already feel like Berlin has something for every type of person. Whatever you’re into: art, culture, clubbing, sports, amazing food, or spending time in nature. You can’t get bored here!

Kasia: The international environment for sure. The city never sleeps, and there's something for everyone.

What’s your fun fact?

Christian: I used to perform magic shows when I was in my teens and met Siegfried & Roy twice. Roar.

Andras: Even though I live in a busy city, I enjoy spending time in nature. I like sitting still for hours with my camera until a deer or a wild boar appears.

Kasia: I’m a published photographer. You might have seen my work in P.M. History. I’ve also done a bunch of historical book covers and illustrations for a few books about Vikings in Scandinavia.

Laura: I’m the youngest of 7 kids. On trips home, you’ll find me happily smooshed amongst my parents, siblings, and an ever-growing number of nieces and nephews. It’s wonderfully wild...and loud.

Mihály: I’m learning how to solder because I’m building an analog video synthesizer right now. I’m also a railroad enthusiast — I travel over 10,000 kilometers by train every year.

Thank you Christian, András, Kasia, Laura, and Mihály for helping us get to know your team. Interested in bringing our brand to life? Check out our open positions.

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