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If you’ve applied for a job at GetYourGuide, or are considering applying for one of our open positions, your first point of contact is a Recruitment Coordinator. Recruitment Coordinators act as guides for all candidates applying to GetYourGuide. They schedule interviews, maintain the candidate database, answer candidate questions, partner with Recruiters and hiring managers, provide interview feedback, and improve hiring processes.

The Recruitment Coordination team is led by Anna Vecher, Recruiting Coordinator turned Talent Acquisition Operations Team Lead, and is made up of 6 full-time Coordinators. In today’s post, she provides us with an overview of the role and its importance within GetYourGuide’s hiring structure.


What does the Recruiting Coordinator role entail?

We’re always looking for ways to make the recruiting process work better for everyone, this includes the hiring team, Recruiters, the Coordination team, and, of course,
candidates. In the world of recruiting, time is of the essence, but this should never take away from candidate experience. We use great tools such as Trustcruit which compiles the data from our candidate experience surveys and allows us to identify anything we can improve upon. Using data and tracking the results is super important.

— Jennie Roberts, Recruiting Coordinator

The aim of a Recruiting Coordinator is to provide an outstanding candidate experience, and they juggle several different tasks to accomplish this.  First and foremost, they handle candidate communication. From answering candidate questions about the role, the recruiting process, or the interview schedule, our Recruiting Coordinators support every candidate that goes through our hiring process. They also schedule all interviews which involves additional communication with hiring teams and Recruiters. In a fast-growing company like GetYourGuide, this task comes with its challenges.

Though scheduling interviews is rather administrative, the role itself is not just an administrative role. Our Recruiting Coordinators are business partners to our Recruiters and hiring managers at the center of one of our highest company priorities: hiring.  

Since Recruiting Coordinators have the best overview of the Recruiting process, they can provide guidance on how a recruiting process should look and how it can be improved when things aren’t working. As the “keepers” of candidate experience, they can also build up processes, guidelines, and policies to create the smoothest and most efficient recruiting process.  

Furthermore, they work on a variety of side projects, like creating a database of interview questions, implementing new tools, recording a welcome video for our video interviews, or creating a coordination playbook to onboard future Coordinators. It’s rare that in one role you gain insight into so many different teams, disciplines, and projects.

What kind of opportunity for impact does the Recruiting Coordinator have at GetYourGuide?

Since our candidates’ journey starts by applying through our careers page, I was very happy to work on my recent side project: supporting our Employer Branding team with the set-up and launch of the new career site.

— Kate Myronenko, Recruiting Coordinator

Hiring is one of our top priorities company-wide, so the opportunity for impact is large. Coordinators make sure every candidate is left with a positive impression of GetYourGuide, no matter the outcome. Since Coordinators are on top of scheduling and candidate communication, this gives Recruiters more time to source, screen applications, and interview meaning candidates go through the recruiting process more quickly.  

With our new candidate survey, we can also see real-time if something needs to change, then implement those changes, so each candidate receives a better experience than the one before.

What is the most rewarding aspect?

The most rewarding part of being a Recruiting Coordinator is helping hiring managers find their perfect match and helping candidates find their perfect role.

— Erin Wallis, Recruiting Coordinator

The most rewarding aspect is finally hiring someone, meeting them in person, and seeing them integrate into their team. Some of our roles have lengthier or more complicated processes (sometimes long-haul flights are even involved), so once everyone has said yes, and the candidate is hired, it feels great knowing we helped get them there.

What is the most challenging?

Finding an interview time that works for the candidates and all of our stakeholders. Additionally, it can be challenging to make sure everyone follows the same process so all candidates receive the same experience and are given equal opportunity to shine.

Each person, team, and recruiting process is a bit different, and we want to organize something that works for candidates and interviewers. Although it might be difficult sometimes, the diversity of teams and candidates is great; I’ve gotten to know really interesting and cool people.

— Kinga Gradusiak, Recruiting Coordinator

How would you describe your team dynamic?

Everyone on the team has their own roles and projects to work on: the level of ownership is quite high. Our team stays positive and organized even under pressure, and we always take the time to support one another. We like to exchange jokes or work tips and talk about things going on outside of work.

What principles does your team live by?

We're a very service-oriented team: it's a priority for us to keep both internal and external stakeholders happy. We also always help each other; this is our default working mode.

Coordinators are always approachable. We face all problems presented to us with positivity and a desire to find the best solution for everyone involved.

— Erin Wallis, Recruiting Coordinator

What advice would you have for someone who wants to join the Recruiting Coordination team?

Organization skills are number one. This includes calendar skills and attention to detail. Following that, communication skills are very important. A successful Coordinator is positive but firm and is comfortable talking to people from different departments and different levels. Finally, I sincerely appreciate proactivity in my team, especially when it comes to personal development. We have a career plan designed if they are interested in staying in operations, but Coordination is a great way to gain exposure to other teams and fields. So, if you see something you’re interested in pursuing, be proactive about learning more.

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