Recruiting 101: What to Expect on your First Day

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The first day at any job can be daunting, even for the most experienced of people! If you have recently accepted a job offer from GetYourGuide, congratulations and welcome to the team!

Now, what should you expect on your first day with GetYourGuide?

N.B. The below structure may vary depending on what role you have or what department you’ll be joining.


Before you start.

Prior to your starting date, our HR and IT teams will reach out to you. A member of our HR team will send you your contract and help you with any admin necessities while also providing some useful information about health insurance, Berlin bureaucracy, and registration etc. All details of starting times, directions and office location will be given to you prior to your starting date.

IT will help you with setting up your work email address, verification systems, login details and different accounts you’ll use. Depending on your role, they will also contact you regarding your laptop, software and system preferences.

For the majority of our positions, the starting date will be either the 1st or the 15th of the month. Group onboarding takes place on these days, which gives our newbies a chance to get to know other new starters on their first day.

What do you have to prepare?

Unless your manager specifically reaches out to you, you don’t have to have anything prepared in advance. Just bring a positive attitude and willingness to learn! HR may require some personal documentation from you but, again, you will be informed of this well in advance. Regarding clothing, we are a typical start-up environment so we would recommend that you wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

What will you do?

As mentioned above, depending on where you’re based, your first day will vary slightly. More than likely, on your first day, your manager, team lead or teammate will greet you and introduce you to all other teams and departments  (Don’t worry! We don’t expect you to remember everyone’s names after this first introduction!). You will meet with HR for your onboarding process where they will give you an introduction into our company and the various systems you will use here.

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect on your first day with GetYourGuide, wherever in the world you may be located:

Headquarters: If your role is based in our head office, you will be expected to arrive here at 10 am. You will go through the onboard process with HR, they will give you an introduction and an explanation into the company, company perks, our payroll or some company-specific things like how to request vacation days, for example. You will then meet with IT to give you any technical support you may need.

Customer Service Office: If you are joining our Customer Service team, you will start your first day at 9 am ahead of a rigorous three-week training. You will meet the other new starters and have a 1:1 personal introduction with HR. You will finish your first day with pizza with your new teammates! IT will be there to assist you with any of your IT-related issues.

Our Zurich office: For our new starters in Zurich, you will be greeted by an office manager, team leader or teammate and will meet with HR for an onboarding process where you will find out all you need to know about the company, systems you will be required to use, our payroll system and other relevant information.

Our other global locations + remote workers:  Again, we have to note that this varies on a case by case basis. For example, If you are joining our international team in a Sales role, you will be flown over to our Berlin office for some sales training which will be a great opportunity for you to meet us in person and experience Berlin for yourself. However, you will absolutely be greeted by your teammates, get an introduction into your role and be in very close contact with IT and HR so they can assist you whenever needed.

For all roles, after the initial introduction, you will begin working according to your specific job.

A word of advice.

If you are relocating to Berlin, our advice would be to look for an apartment as early as possible. It can be tricky to find an apartment in this city, so the earlier you look, the better the chance you have of finding somewhere you love. Our relocation series should be a big help to you on this! Also, always remember that our HR team is there to support you with any concerns you have.

Want to know everything there is to know about the recruiting process at GetYourGuide? Check out our full recruiting series.

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