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Mar 3, 2021

S2E1: What We Look for in Product & Design Candidates

Careers Team

Interested in what the essential qualities are for a UX designer? Want to find out what a Product mission team does? Well, strap in because Amanda Mohlenhoff, UX manager, and Angela Giulia Memoli, senior tech recruiter, walk us through it all.

If you’re looking to join GetYourGuide in a UX or Product capacity, there couldn’t be a more exciting time to do so. Of course, stepping into adynamic team with strong visions of the future requires a specific candidate type. But if you’re prepared to set your own foundations and be bold about making changes to the product, you’re in the right place. In this episode of Talented, we discuss these topics and much more.

Amanda Mohlenhoff is the UX manager for Search & Discovery. Not only does she shine a light on the UX team structure, but she offers some excellent advice for anyone interested in transitioning into UX from another discipline. We also chat about what she looks for on a technical level, customer centricity, the importance of a growth mindset, and some of the common misconceptions about her team.

As a senior tech recruiter, Angela Giulia Memoli provides us with insights into the various steps of the product recruitment process. She talks about what GetYourGuide looks for in a designer, the integration process after a successful interview, and why it’s always important to properly read the job description.

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Hosts: Jane Leung, employer branding copywriter; Mark Serunjogi, former employee branding specialist at GetYourGuide

Guest: Amanda Mohlenhoff, UX manager; Angela Giulia Memoli, senior tech recruiter

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We want to give a very special thanks to Sebastian Röder and Paul Bertin.

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