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May 5, 2021

S2E3: How the Data Products Team Drives Customer and Business Impact

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How does GetYourGuide use data? What is a  full-stack data scientist? Given the multifaceted capabilities of our data product team, there’s always a lot to learn. Thanks to Mathieu  Bastian, director of engineering, and Marco Mahrer, senior tech  recruiter, we deep dive into our diverse data team’s inner workings in  this episode of GetYourGuide’s Talented podcast. Find out what makes  them an exciting prospect for candidates to join and the steps it takes  to get there.


Data science positions are quickly becoming the  hottest tickets in town these days, and there are plenty of good  reasons why. In this episode of Talented, our guests explain  GetYourGuide’s cross-functional approach to building data product teams  and the broader role data science plays at the company. We also reveal  some of the professional attributes required to join this diverse and  driven team, which sits at the intersection of statistics, machine  learning, and software engineering.

Mathieu leads the Data  Products team. It’s their mission to drive customer and business impact  with data products using statistics, machine learning, and data science  techniques. He explains how data products differ from analytics and what  GetYourGuide’s full-stack philosophy involves.

Given each role’s  cross-functionality, Marco aligns closely with Mathieu to ensure a  well-balanced constellation of the teams. From the perspective of our  senior tech recruiter, discover the attributes every good data candidate  should have, as well as the three steps you’ll take before being  hired.

Find out about collaborative working cultures and why  there’s always potential for creating new data products. We also discuss  some exciting visions of the future, including a machine learning  platform the team is working on.

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Hosts: Jane Leung, employer branding copywriter; Mark Serunjogi, former employee branding specialist at GetYourGuide

Guests: Mathieu Bastian, director of engineering, and Marco Mahrer, senior tech recruiter

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If you’re interested in joining our data team, check out our Career page.

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