Jul 7, 2021

S2E5: Understanding the Role of a Destination Manager

Careers Team

In a nutshell, a destination manager’s job is to  grow GetYourGuide’s presence around the world. Working closely with suppliers to get their products and services onto our platform, each  destination manager owns their destination and represents the brand in  their respective locations. Julia Randow, director of sales APAC and GM Dubai, and Iwona Kurczab, a former GetYourGuide business recruiter, provide us with further insight into destination managers’ roles and how they’re recruited into the team.


As both Julia and Iwona discuss in this episode of Talented, one of the most important skills for a destination manager is the ability to think like the customer. It’s all about helping people have incredible experiences, so understanding certain needs and embracing  change in an incredibly fast-moving market is vital.

Based in Dubai, Julia is the director of sales in APAC. She describes the variety of her role and how getting to test the product first-hand injected a lot of fun into her routine. We also discuss some of the necessary and not so necessary skills you’ll need to be a success. And guess what? A lack of travel experience isn’t a deal-breaker.

As Iwona explains, if a candidate shows a strong motivation to succeed, they’ll immediately catch the recruiter’s eye. She also recommends being well  prepared for the interview as a little extra knowledge always goes a  long way (check out our blog Inside GetYourGuide for lots of useful talking points ;)).

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Hosts: Jane Leung, employer branding copywriter; Mark Serunjogi, former employee branding specialist at GetYourGuide

Guests: Julia Randow, director of sales APAC and GM Dubai; Iwona Kurczab, business recruiter

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