Mar 31, 2022

Why Personalized Travel Content Matters, and How to do it at Scale

Kim Ciarlo
Content Editing Team Lead

Kim Ciarlo, content team editing team lead, spoke to Great Content on their podcast. We highlight her key points on personalizing content at scale to cater to the ever-changing behaviors of today’s audience. She answers key questions about improving content marketing with machine learning tools, and the role localization plays in building trust with customers. Listen to the interview and check out the highlights below.

With ITB Berlin 2020 ahead we had the chance to speak to Kim Ciarlo, Content Editing Team Lead at GetYourGuide, a Berlin-based travel company that provides experiences for travellers all around the globe.


Tailor your content while scaling up

As audience behavior becomes increasingly more fragmented, Kim explains that content should always be as customized to the reader’s needs as much as possible. Having different personas and outsourcing your content to trusted freelancers is a way to achieve this at scale. Marketers can also use AI and machine learning to analyze and understand the behaviors of how particular customers book and what information they need.

On machine-learning and content automation

AI-generated content has been of particular interest to content marketers over the past few years. Kim says we are using all human writers at the moment, but not ruling out AI in the future. Currently, there are just too many edge-cases and variables when creating product content we have yet to standardize the content for machine learning.

How localization builds trust

A polyglot herself, Kim believes localization is essential for the future of content. Customers need to have the feeling that this is the original source, not just a translation from say, English to French. They need to think this is exactly what I need, that this is not a translation, and this is the original language of the website. Having designated language specialists localize the content for each region builds loyalty.

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